is a personal project hub. It references my personal projects I currently work on or did so in the past. Feel free to contact me if you found something of interest.


Tackles the problem of stale contact information by acting as a central hub for updates and notifications instead of merging contact information from several other sources. Synchronizes to Google Contacts.



match-maker API based on JSON and REST. Proof of concept use-case as consumer devices matching application. The engine is applicable to any domain where fact-based decision making is required.


Mutation-testing tool for validating the quality of software implemented in Java. Carma makes use of error injection for finding weak testcases. Stronger results than legacy coverage tools. Target audience are advanced software engineers with testing experience.

Chrome HTML Validator Extension

Validates HTML of any open page in Chrome based on the (still) experimental Chrome Devtools Audit API and the excellent validation service

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